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The Historic Fort Cherry Association

The original "Fort Cherry Association" was founded in 1932 by descendants of the Cherry family of Mount Pleasant Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Upon the 250th anniversary of the building of Cherry's Fort, the Historic Fort Cherry Association was founded as a revitalization of the original association, sharing their same goals of commemorating the events of the Pennsylvania frontier. 

Cherry's Fort was just one of several family-owned frontier forts in the region that served to establish land claims and protect the livelihoods of early European settlers who lived in the wilderness of what was known as the Ohio Country from the early 1770s to the early 1800s.

While the main focus of this organization relates to the 18th century frontier settlers, frontier forts, and local Native American relevance, we also aim to engage readers on other later local  historic topics. The area covered by the association contains several historical landmarks of both local and national importance, very few of which are marked and preserved. Through grants and donations, we aim to create signs to mark these important sites and structures. The association is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit and as it continues to grow, building replicas of Cherry's Fort & the David & Margaret Reed house (the site of a meeting between local settlers and George Washington) for public access and education remain ultimate long-term goals.

Online Q&A Spotlight

Do you have a question about an aspect of local history related to the Fort Cherry area? For a chance to have your question featured in our Q&A Spotlight series on our social media pages, feel free to fill out this form. Please keep your question concise and relevant. Not all questions may be featured.

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